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ASHTON is a friendly, young kid who lives with his mother in a big city. One day, ASHTON takes notice of his smile and doesn’t like what he sees.


He starts to imagine different looks and what it would be like to be changed. Although there are many kids at school, he still doesn’t have any close friends he could rely on, so he always keeps going through each day by himself.


He tries all he could to fit in and look like everyone else, but it isn’t enough.


When the adults surrounding him start taking notice of how his behaviors change, they ask him what is bothering him. But, he always says "NOTHING!" ASHTON knows deep down inside... he just wants to be accepted.

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Meet Ashton

Meet Ashton

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This is a great short story and quick read that warms your heart. I am a single mom, and I know how challenging it is to encourage young boys. Ashton and his mom have a great bond with mutual love and respect. The book points out the harsh reality of bullying and teasing in school. Thankfully Ashton’s mom came to his rescue and was able to save the day. Author Angela Wynn captures the essence of parental love and shows how it can catapult our children into better places emotionally and socially. 

Yolanda "Lisa" Hill


The book made me feel optimistic about features that are different from others. I feel the story was told in a way that kept the reader (me) eager to keep reading. Wanting to find out what the outcome would be.

One part of the book that stood out to me was the easy lesson learned that came about from this book.

Although you are different, you are still valuable. Challenges come, but we can still overcome them.

Adrena Johnson

The book gave me an overall perspective on how children with disabilities are sometimes viewed by their peers.

 I feel the story was told in a kid-friendly tone. It really pointed out how sometimes children can be very rude and bullies.

 The main character Ashton showed the audience that despite your disabilities and how others reject you, just keep smiling and thrive to achieve your goal. And the children that were doing the bullying actions were not acceptable.

Pamela Talbert

Assistant Principal