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The Author

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Angella Wynn is a native of Baton Rouge, who studied at Louisiana’s finest HBCU - Southern University.  She grew up in a warm and loving household that was full of fun and laughter. She has three brilliant sons and along with a blissful 27-year marriage to her very supportive husband, Shedrick.

Angella’s impressionable work ethics reveal polished leadership through her various roles as a mentor, recording artist, teacher, and exposing her theatrical talent with casting experience as an “extra” on the big screen. Angella’s ambition in life is simply to empower young people through exercising her deliberate approach to invoke the mindset of being all that you can be, ascribed, one child at a time.

Angella learned valuable life lessons early on, coupled with the tragic ordeal of losing her mother at the young tender age of 12. Despite her generous heart, magnetic personality, and award-winning smile, she also faced being bullied at school. Those experiences afforded her the opportunity to be coached and guided through one of the toughest times.

Angella’s growth was not only physical but spiritual as well. She learned how to trust God at every turn. The book, "Fix My Smile," is an essential first writing project for Angella, with promises of more to follow.

Stay tuned.

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